Our objective is to use whatever resources are available to win souls for Christ through door-to-door, tract-outs, streets, home Bible studies, and Radio and TV Ministry, internet and etc.

  1. As a full service church meeting the need for the entire family by providing provisions and programs for restoring and preserving the sanctity of the family in training:

    1. Man how to: (Men-life-givers fellowship)
      1. Be the head of their home (1 Corn. 11:3,8-9,11);
      2. Provide for their family
      3. Love and respect their wife; (Eph. 5:25
      4. Teach and be a mentor for their son(s) and daughter(s)
    2. Women how to: (Women of Order fellowship)
      1. Be one with and submissive to their own husband (1Peter 3:1);
      2. Perform their responsibility in the home (Titus 2:5);
      3. Teach and be a mentor for their daughter(s) or son(s)
    3. Children - Teaching children (King Kids Program) the secret of long life and prosperity. So hat they may be productive citizens in the body of Christ and in their community.

  2. Build a facility to train (Bible Institution) and prepare men and women for God's army through:

    1. Pastoral Ministry (Nehemiah's Minister Fellowship)
    2. Evangelism
    3. Preaching, and
    4. Teaching ministry
    5. Cell group leaders
    6. Train and ordain ministers to establish satellite churches here and in other nation under the covering of New Life.

  3. Establish a New Life Ameliorate (Self-Help) Community Development:

    • Food & Clothing Program
    • Day care Program
    • Homeless Program (men, children & women)
    • Senior Citizen and Widow's Program
    • Job Training Center
    • CDL
    • Typing
    • Computer & Software
    • GED
    • Basic Electric Training
    • Auto Mech.